Reiki The art of healing!

aphrodite-reikiI am here today to tell everyone a few of the reasons why I personally  enjoy performing this wonderful service on clients.It has been my experience both in giving and receiving these treatments that the benefits are substantial. In my own sessions I have had a decrease in pain in my back and jaw area where I suffer from TM J as well as a release from migraine pain.

My clients have felt relief from neck and shoulder issues as well as release from depression and anger.So what is this great thing that works better than an aspirin? How does it work? Rei means Universal wisdom and higher power. Ki means life force energy. When your body is out of balance or contains blockages  illness sets in .Reiki is great re-balancing technique.

So what does the practitioner do during the treatment?
The practitioner allows the reiki energy to work through their body (like a conduit) The reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands into your aura and chakras thus embuing your body and energy field with positive white light and life force energy.  The reiki energy is balancing to the chakras and dissolves blockages ;after the treatment you  may feel very energized  or extremely relaxed depending on the person.

I would suggest that everyone try this service out a least once so you can be the judge! You might be surprised by the results.Thats all for now.

See you all soon.Dawn


Absolutly loved my visit, Facial, Mani & Pedi awesome 3 hours Ladies Thank you so much.


Posted by Kim Keating-Brake on Monday, June 6, 2016

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