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skin-careWe all know that to have healthy beautiful skin we have to cleanse and exfoliate. Exfoliation removes the layers of dead skin cells which form a barrier on top of the healthy life skin. If not removed this dead skin clogs pores, ducts, and follicles. Allowing dead skin cells to accumulate provides a breading ground for bacteria and a place for debris to attach.This interferes with the skins proper functioning detracting from its youthful appearance making skin look dull and flat. With out the removal of this barrier no skin cream is able to reach the areas where needed nutrients and moisture have to go.

Most of us just don’t have time for those steps especially when they are overly complicated or time consuming.The best skin care products are those that are easy and quick to use. I have found that the Nancey k brown line does this job the most effectively. The aloe exfoliate is a blend of the purest glycol and whole cold pressed botanical aloe Vera. My clients just apply one layer of exfoliate once a day to their cleansed skin( which takes less than a minute).Glycolic the best and most effective of the AHAs because of its small size works by dissolving the glue like substance that holds dead skin cells in place on top of the skin and trapped in the ducts and pores.

It has been my experience as a professional aesthetician that this product is very effective in reconditioning the skin of many of my clients. I invite you to come in to the spa and try this product out! I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatments we can offer you utilizing the wonderful benefits of this product line. Dawn


Absolutly loved my visit, Facial, Mani & Pedi awesome 3 hours Ladies Thank you so much.


Posted by Kim Keating-Brake onĀ Monday, June 6, 2016

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