What a great year! Thanks team.

aphrodite-manicureIt has been a wonderful first year in business for Aphrodite in me spa. We have seen a lot of new faces and to our excitement quite a few old friends!We are currently expanding our spa to add two new technicians to serve our customers better!

WHAT has made our business so successful in my humble opinion is the dedicated work of our marketers,web designers,and staff participation in current networking events. If you have ever wondered what the benefits are of using these things let me give you a small account of what I have personally noticed.My day is filled with customersĀ  but there are many more out there in cyber space;so if I am busy working how do I talk to all these people to tell them about my business?Online. The ability to sell your services via the internet while simultaneously having customers through your store is extremely tempting to the ordinary small business owner. So I enlisted the services of a few good men and women to put together a nice portfolio for my spa and voila! Money in the bank so to speak.

In my experience the nicest thing you can do for yourself as a business owner is to let go ,relax,(I know its very hard to do) hand over the reins to others and let them shine. Your staff who ever they are and whatever department they are currently working in are your team.Treasure them they are the gold.So thanks team for all your hard work this year!To all those other new businesses out there find a great team there are many and get at it!Its money in the bank and customer service is where its at.Thats all for now. Dawn


Absolutly loved my visit, Facial, Mani & Pedi awesome 3 hours Ladies Thank you so much.


Posted by Kim Keating-Brake onĀ Monday, June 6, 2016

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